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CrownsA dental crown is often referred to as a cap. Designed to cover and restore strength to what remains of a damaged tooth, crowns are used as prosthetics for dental implants and dentures. Extremely deep cavities that require more than a filling might be better suited for a crown. Cracked teeth are also kept strong with the reinforcement of this realistic looking form of restoration. Dr. Aziza Askari, your Farmington Hills dentist will tell you more about how she can help make your teeth beautiful and strong as ever, even if they have been damaged.

Crown Improvements in Dentistry

There was a time when dental crowns were only available in strong, but obvious, metal. Gold and silver crowns might be fine for back molars, but when your damaged tooth is visible when you smile, you are likely to prefer something that will blend in with your natural teeth. Crowns fully cover the entire visible surface of an affected tooth while adding strength, durability, and stability. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns were quite popular for a time, but the metal edge can create a visible line at the edge of your gum tissue. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are becoming the standard for being aesthetically pleasing and strong at the same time.

Procera Crowns

Your Farmington Hills dentist prefers the all-ceramic Procera crown. This material has several advantages when compared to traditional crowns. The material can be color-matched to surrounding teeth for seamlessly blending in with your beautiful smile. Procera crowns last a long time. The treatment process is short and convenient. Installation is fast, and the crown can generally be completed in just two visits with Dr. Askari. The time between appointments will be about one week, so you won’t be forced to deal with a temporary crown for any extended period of time.

Dental Crowns from Farmington Hills Dentist

If you would like to consult with your Farmington Hills dentist about Procera crowns or any general dentistry needs, contact our 48335 dentist office at (248)566-6490 for a consultation. We are happy to serve patients of all ages, from Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, Detroit, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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