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Dental Implant Information from Farmington Hills Dentist

Picture your life without any teeth. Your mind might first jump to how difficult it would be to enjoy your favorite foods. Then, you may ponder how challenging it would be to speak clearly without teeth. Don’t forget one of the most important elements of your teeth – smiling. Flashing a beautiful smile at others […]

Quiz on Teeth Whitening History from Farmington Hills Dentist

As long as human beings with teeth have existed, there has been tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth staining. Over time, our amazing brains have come up with so many remarkable innovations to deal with these issues, though dental health and cosmetic dentistry are consistently seeing improvements. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular […]

Root Canals from Farmington Hills Dentist

Try not to panic if you hear that you need a root canal. Though this procedure has quite the reputation of unpleasantness, there are far many more things in life that are far worthier of fear.  It’s true that teeth are complex structures requiring the special skills of an endodontist to ensure a properly implemented […]