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Farmington Hills Dentist Helps Solve Teeth and Jaw Fractures

One common injury that can cause severe issues with your teeth or jawbone is a fracture. Fractures are essentially breaks of various depth. Your teeth and jaw are more likely to succumb to breakage of any sort if you don’t take care of them. Cavities or weakened jawbone density will leave these areas of your […]

One-Visit Crowns from Your Farmington Dentist

Have you ever received a dental crown? The process usually takes two visits and involves wearing a temporary crown while you wait for your customized crown to be completely fabricated. Temporary crowns are usually made of acrylic or stainless steel and serve as a one-size-fits-all cap over a tooth that is awaiting a customized permanent […]

Farmington Hills Dentist Answers Questions about Burning Mouth Syndrome

If you feel a burning pain in your tongue, lips, roof of your mouth, gums, or inside your cheeks, you may have burning mouth syndrome. The pain can be severe enough that it feels like you have scalded your mouth with hot liquid. If so, you may have burning mouth syndrome. Your Farmington Hills general […]