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Thumbs UPRecently, Comfort Dental Spa had the pleasure of hearing testimonials from many of our patients. Kenettia Taylor has been seeing Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Askari for many years. She says that the education she has received from our staff at Comfort Dental Spa on oral health has helped her take better care of her teeth, and made her happy to recommend our practice to family and friends. The positive experiences Kenettia has had include fillings and root canal procedures. She is currently wearing Six Month Smiles orthodontics on her teeth, and looks forward to unveiling a brand new smile soon.

White Fillings

White fillings are a terrific solution to restore decayed teeth once they’ve been cleaned of remaining infection and germs. Composite resin adheres to your tooth enamel. Not only will the composite material blend in with surrounding teeth, but you won’t have to worry about unnecessary mercury exposure.

Root Canal Procedures

People often dread root canals as if they were the worst possible dental procedure, but root canals are not much more involved than simple fillings. Patients like Kenettia are happy that we are able to avoid extraction of damaged teeth by implementing a root canal treatment. The infected tissue is removed, the canals are disinfected and filled in with a biocompatible material similar to rubber. Your tooth will be protected and restored with either a white filling or a porcelain crown.

Six Month Smile

Six Months Smiles is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment that is very similar to clear braces. This treatment is a great choice for people that only require straightening on their front, most visible teeth. Because the back teeth are not fitted with brackets and wires, the treatment time can be drastically reduced.

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Don’t forget to Like/Share Comfort Dental Spa on Facebook so you have a chance to win all of the fabulous prizes we are offering in the coming months. Remember, you don’t have to be a current patient to win, but we hope you will take the time to peruse our web site and see all of the great amenities we offer to patients. If you have any general dentistry needs, feel free to contact our 48335 dentist office at (248)566-6490 for a consultation. We are happy to serve patients of all ages, from Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, Detroit, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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