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Farmington Hills Dentist Relates Headaches to your TMJs

Dr. Aziza Askari is a multi-faceted Farmington Hills dentist who has helped countless patients with a wide array of symptoms. Headaches are not always thought of as a dental issue, but the health and function of your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) have been known to cause aches in the head when all is not well. If […]

Farmington Hills Dentist Quizzes on Turkey Teeth

With the Thanksgiving holiday marching towards us, you will probably do more chewing than you normally would in the coming days. We rely on our teeth to grind, cut, and break down food into particles that we can more easily swallow and digest. What about that turkey that is the centerpiece of most American tables […]

Farmington Hills Dentist Explains Root Canals

Cavities are sometimes symptom free, initially. That’s why we recommend that patients visit Comfort Dental Spa every six months for a checkup and examination. If you have tooth decay that has reached a point where a filling is not enough, it’s quite possible that you will start to experience discomfort. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. […]