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Toothpaste on BrushWith a name like toothpaste, you might be surprised that the minty abrasive we use to clean our teeth has many other practical uses beyond oral hygiene. We rely on the fresh smell of toothpaste to cover up bad breath and leave our mouths feeling tingly and clean. Did you know that toothpaste can actually cover up other odors? Tupperware, lunchboxes, and baby bottles that have begun to emit unpleasant odors can be given a once over with toothpaste to neutralize the smells. You can even wash your hands with toothpaste if pungent smells seem to be sticking to your skin. Michigan cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, offers some other unique uses for toothpaste.

Shine up your Rings

Do you have jewelry that has dulled over time? Precious metals and your teeth have that in common. Age may be making some of your favorite pieces a bit lackluster, and you keep forgetting to buy jewelry cleaner. Why not try toothpaste? You surely have that around. It’s true – precious metals and stones can be shined up with a spare toothbrush and some regular old toothpaste. Not only will your engagement ring brighten up, but faucets, kitchen appliances, and parts of your automobile can also become shinier with a little toothpaste and brushing, just like your smile.

Removing Scuffs and Marks

Leather shoes just don’t look as sharp when they’re all scuffed up. Some people would just as soon buy a new pair of tennis shoes than try and clean them. If you want to get more life out of your kicks, just squeeze some toothpaste on a soft, damp cloth and give your favorite pair a little scrub. It’s worth a try. Your shoes might look brand new again. And the same can be said for your walls. If you have kids, it’s possible that your budding artists have accidentally missed the paper and colored walls or tables with their crayon creations. If your walls are coated with flat (sheen-free) paint, you may be in luck. A scrub brush, a bit of whatever toothpaste you have in the bathroom drawer, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease can offer you an inexpensive and low-chemical solution.

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