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Smile Green EyesYour teeth will inevitably incur extrinsic (outer) stains as you age. Just as skin wrinkles and hair grays, teeth will lose their luster as you eat and drink dark colored foods over the years. When you’re unhappy with the shade of your teeth, you may wish to employ cosmetic dental processes and procedures to stave off the physical signs of aging. Teeth whitening can actually achieve multiple shades of brightness on your smile, which will most likely give you an appearance that is instantly years younger. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, offers several professional whitening options to enhance your confidence and brighten your grin.

Zooming in on White Teeth

Many people find over-the-counter whitening products and toothpastes don’t provide desired results (if they provide any at all). Some improvement is possible, but most likely you will end up feeling like you’ve thrown your money away. You have probably heard of Zoom! professional teeth bleaching, which is the number-one requested whitening system in dental offices. Zoom! offers results in just one short office visit. Utlizing light-accelerated technology, Zoom! can provide you with the bright smile you’re looking for without having to commit very much of your precious time.

Whitening at Home with Professional Results

Would you prefer to whiten your teeth while you cook dinner, sit in a warm bathtub, or take a nap? Prescription-strength whitening systems with customized plastic trays allow you the same results as in-office methods, but you’re in control of the treatment time and place. After a couple of weeks of short daily treatment, you will see very visible results. Dr. Askari will just need to have a short consultation to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. She will send you home with professional level bleaching gel and clear instructions. As stains occur again over time, you can touch up using the same trays.

Teeth Whitening from Farmington Dentist

If you would to learn more about the professional teeth whitening services available from Comfort Dental Spa, contact Dr. Askari today. To schedule an appointment, you can reach our dental office at (248) 474-6434. We are proud to provide comprehensive dentistry to patients from Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, Detroit, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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