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Mouth PainA sharp, piercing toothache will have you dialing your phone to arrange an emergency dental appointment. Your instincts for fast action are right on. When your body signals you that something is amiss, the quicker you resolve the issue, the easier the resolution. You could be perplexed, however, if your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari examined you in a toothache crisis and found nothing wrong. How can this be? Your sinuses may be the number one suspect.

About your Sinuses

As you breathe through your nose, air travels in through your sinuses on a fast path to your lungs. Hollow cavities that are located within your jawbone, your sinuses are a part of your body that can succumb to infection fairly easily due to so much activity. Sinuses look similar to the inside of your mouth. The pink membrane that lines your sinuses will become inflamed when infected, which is clinically termed as sinusitis. If you are susceptible to sinus infections, they often ramp up when seasonal allergies are at their worst.

How Can Sinusitis and Toothaches Cause Similar Symptoms?

Your sinuses are located above the roots of your upper molars. If you see Dr. Askari with a toothache, she will likely order x-rays of your teeth. If your tooth pain has a dental cause, the most likely culprit is inflammation of your dental pulp below the gumline. The roots of teeth reside along with other nerves and tissues in your dental pulp, so once infection reaches this part of your tooth anatomy, you are likely to feel a toothache. However, if x-rays and examination show that there is no clear problem with your teeth, you may want to check in with your general physician next to find out if your sinuses are the cause of your discomfort.

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