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Myth or Fact: Learn More about Teeth Stains

Teeth whitening remains one of the most sought cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Aziza Askari, Farmington Hills dentist, is happy to provide patients with two cosmetic whitening procedure options. There are options to brighten your smile in the office or at home, depending on your personal preference. Once you’ve whitened your teeth, you will probably want […]

Smile: There are Plenty of Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Denture wearers are not without their challenges and adjustments. While a smile replaced with a nice set of dentures may look terrific, there are some genuine inconveniences. Amongst the drawbacks with conventional dentures are discomfort to the patient and slippage when eating foods like corn-on-the-cob or apples. Nevertheless, dentures are one of the most cost […]

If your Root Canals are Unhealthy, there is a Solution

The word “root” can mean a number of things. The square root of a number is a number that, when multiplied to itself, will result in a product equal to that number. Root vegetables are those that grow underground, where the root of the plant is the part which people eat. Root beer is named […]