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Dental Care is a Wise Investment for Saving Money in the Long Run

It’s natural to evaluate medical costs and decide which of your needs are the greatest, and what is in your budget. Dental work may seem like a low priority in terms of your health, but it’s important to realize the costly downward spiral which can occur if you don’t take care of your teeth. A […]

Subtle Cosmetic Dental Approaches Offer Big Results

Public figures often set the tone for appearance trends. Especially in America. If you take a look on television, watch movies, or read magazines, you may notice that some actresses and other famous women are taking a stand against cosmetic surgery, or at least opting for the least invasive procedures. Choosing to age a bit […]

Do you Realize that Cavities are Contagious?

Since we know that cavities are   bacterial infections, it would stand to reason that they are contagious,   right? The germs which cause tooth decay actually are spread from person to   person. You aren’t born with them. About 1% of the population is immune to   these bacteria – Streptococcus mutans   – […]