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Winning MoneyIt’s natural to evaluate medical costs and decide which of your needs are the greatest, and what is in your budget. Dental work may seem like a low priority in terms of your health, but it’s important to realize the costly downward spiral which can occur if you don’t take care of your teeth. A couple of years ago, Farmington Hills dentist Dr. Aziza Askari, was featured in The Fiscal Times. The article she was quoted in examined the high cost of neglecting your dental health.

Fiscally Responsible Dental Care

Dr. Askari stands by this article. Her feelings on adapting her dental practice to meet the financial needs of her patients remain. There are dentists out there who focus on making money, and there’s no doubt that invasive procedures cost more. However, many dental teams (including ours at Comfort Dental Spa) incorporate holistic treatments as much as possible, which cuts costs. If you have missing teeth and you refuse to replace them, you’ll pay the price with your remaining smile. Teeth will shift into spaces causing misalignment and TMJ pain. You could end up with a far heftier price tag than if you took care of the smaller problems in the first place.

Many Options

If nerves are the issue holding you back from visiting the dentist, we can help in that area as well. Sedation dentistry puts patients at ease with just a little help to relax. There is really no good reason to avoid the dentist now that various levels of sedation have become common place. There are also varieties of materials with different price tags when restoring teeth. Finally, to keep patients happy and well cared for, most dentists today accept multiple insurances as well as credit cards, and even offer payment plans. Don’t allow your needed dental work to add up to insurmountable costs down the road.

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