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Older Couple HuggingA tooth abscess is a severe infection which generally results from cavities which remain untreated. Our mouths are always full of many types of bacteria – some harmless and some harmful. When a tooth becomes abscessed, the pulp beneath is infected. An abscess generally fills with pus, swells, and becomes quite painful. As with any infection, a common symptom is a general malaise or a feeling of un-wellness. The abscess will likely require drainage from Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, followed by a course of antibiotics. 


Q1. True or false: Dental abscesses show on the dentin of your infected tooth.

Q2. True or false: P. Gingivalis is the name of the germs that cause cavities.

Q3. True or false: A dental abscess may begin as a traumatic dental injury.


A1. FALSE – There are several different types of dental abscesses. Your face, throat, mouth, or jaw are all susceptible to the spread of infection which starts as simple tooth decay. When bacteria from an abscess is allowed to progress past a certain point, the infection can cause so much inflammation that you have trouble breathing. This is why Dr. Askari recommends regular six month checkups, so cavities are caught early, allowing you to avoid this level of infection.

A2. FALSE – Streptococcus mutans is the actual name of the germs which cause tooth decay. When S. mutans consume sugar, lactic acid is produced. This acid softens (demineralizes) your tooth enamel leaving you vulnerable to tooth decay. Once you have a cavity, if it is not treated via filling, you are in danger of an abscess developing.

A3. TRUE – If you sustain a dental injury and end up with a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, your tooth roots are then open to infection. Think of traumatic dental injuries as equivalent to tooth decay. A damaged tooth which does not receive examination and treatment can result in a dangerous abscess eventually.

Dental Checkups from Farmington Hills Dentist

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