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Other than leaving behind a minty fresh feeling, what exactly does toothpaste do? Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari certainly recommends  that you use it twice a day when you brush, but are all toothpastes created equally? The small compact tubes on drugstore shelves are the heirs to a long line of dental cleaning products which date back to the time of the early Greeks and Romans. The ingredients used in dental care products have advanced from crushed bones and shells to today’s many active ingredients.

Abolishing Plaque and Tartar

At least half the typical tube of toothpaste is made up of abrasives. These insoluble particles help with the removal of plaque and other harmful materials on teeth. Common abrasives include silicas (such as powdered mica) aluminum hydroxide, and calcium carbonate. Certain abrasives both clean and polish teeth by wearing down tooth enamel slightly. Whitening toothpastes have more than their share of these abrasives, making them dangerous for long term use.

More Ingredients, Such as Fluoride

The infusion of Fluoride into toothpastes is one of the most significant improvements in oral healthcare care over the past 75 years or so. Fluoride is a crucial ingredient in helping control cavities and gum disease while helping maintain strong protective tooth enamel. A number of substances help distinguish one toothpaste from another. Some have antibacterial agents, which  reduce plaque buildup and bad breath. Most toothpastes are colored and flavored, with oils derived from plants.


Detergents (also known as surfactants) are foaming agents which help the substance of toothpaste to bubble up and reach all of the important places in your mouth. These compounds are found in many cleaning products such as laundry and dish soaps, which makes it seem a bit disturbing that they might be in your toothpaste. However, the levels are mandated and approved so as not to be harmful; especially since you are meant to spit out most of the paste.

Contact your Farmington Hills Dentist

Unfortunately, no toothpaste is advanced enough to diagnose cavities, or completely remove plaque and tartar buildup. To ensure your mouth is at its best, schedule an appointment with Comfort Dental Spa today by calling (248)566-6490. We serve patients in Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, and Detroit neighborhoods.

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