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Dry MouthHave you ever heard of a dental issue called dry mouth, where your mouth does not produce enough saliva? This annoying condition causes inflammation in the mouth and can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. Smoking, medications, certain diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s, and dehydration can all contribute to dry mouth issues. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari , will explain how important your saliva is to your dental health, so you don’t have to deal with something like dry mouth.

Saliva Production

Have you ever wondered how saliva gets produced in your mouth? Well, near the front of your teeth, at the bottom of your mouth, and inside your cheeks you have salivary glands. This includes hundreds of minor glands backing up six major ones. Each gland is comprised of ducts that allow saliva to move through them. When all is right with the health of your salivary glands, your body will produce as much as 4 pints of saliva on any given day. When do you think your body makes the most saliva? During the afternoon.

How Can Saliva Be Good for Your Teeth?

Saliva does more than just help us swallow food. Just like other parts of your body, your teeth need a shower, and saliva provides the mouth’s version of water. Even if you brush two or three times each day, saliva will help rid your teeth of food particles. This is great because food debris from sugar or carbohydrates feed bacteria and create lactic acid which will damage your protective tooth enamel. Keeping healthy, strong tooth enamel is imperative in having teeth free of cavities. However, even though saliva rinsing off teeth is a good thing, occasionally, the salivary glands produce an overabundance of saliva which leads to a condition called sialorrhea. While it is not harmful to your teeth, it can be aggravating and require consultation with Dr. Askari.

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