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hot guyBruxism is the clinical name for teeth grinding. Many people clench and grind their teeth in either a conscious state, or even while they sleep. Either way, teeth grinding leaves you much more susceptible to tooth and jaw damage. Chipped, fractured, and/or cracked teeth can happen when teeth grinding is unknown or ignored. Even your jaw can end up with permanent issues because of bruxism. TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) is commonly linked to teeth grinding.  Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will talk more about dealing with jaw pain.

Giving Jaw Muscles a Workout

Just as with any muscle, those in your jaw can be kept in better shape through care and regular exercise. Temporomandibular joint disorder can have many causes, but a healthy jaw full of healthy teeth is less likely to succumb to the condition. Even if you are already having jaw pain, a strong jaw can help you to eliminate some discomfort. Exercising a sore jaw might seem counter-intuitive, but if you turn to Dr. Askari for recommendations and suggestions, you can rest assured that you are making safe choices. Facial exercises and stretching can tighten loose skin under your neck, chin, jaw, and mentalis muscle (located below your bottom lip).  Occasionally, chewing gum excessively or around-the-clock overeating of certain foods could also be a source of jaw pain.

Bruxism Treatment

If you are concerned with ongoing jaw pain, our team at Comfort Dental Spa can examine your mouth for obvious signs of teeth grinding. Most bruxism patients will benefit from custom dental appliances, also known as a sleep guards or night guards. These mouthpieces are designed to provide relief from bruxism by keeping the upper and lower teeth from touching each other while you slumber.

TMJ Help from  from Farmington HIlls Dentist

Do you have jaw pain? Are you concerned that you may have fallen victim to temporomandibular joint disorder? Dr. Askari is a renowned TMJ expert who has helped hundreds of patients find relief through various TMD treatment options. To schedule an appointment, call Comfort Dental Spa at (248) 474-6434.

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