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Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Bones

When you think about the bones in your body, do you include your teeth? Even though they are not actually bones, the fact is, teeth basically need the same things as all of the bones in your body in order to remain healthy and strong. What does this include? Think calcium and vitamin D for starters. Farmington Hills dentist, […]

Jaw Discomfort Tackled by Knowledgeable Dentists

Bruxism is the clinical name for teeth grinding. Many people clench and grind their teeth in either a conscious state, or even while they sleep. Either way, teeth grinding leaves you much more susceptible to tooth and jaw damage. Chipped, fractured, and/or cracked teeth can happen when teeth grinding is unknown or ignored. Even your […]

Teeth Whitening All Over Town

Picture this scenario: You are in your best friend’s upcoming wedding, and you want your teeth to be whiter and brighter than they have ever been. You know that the old gang will all be there, and plenty of pictures are going to be taken. You have noticed how teeth whitening makes others appear years younger, and […]