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woman proactive in dental healthThe problem with most dental health issues is that all they need to develop is for you to do nothing, or not do enough, to stop them. Fortunately, most of us are taught to be proactive in our dental health early in life by brushing and flossing our teeth. Still, the forces that could cause trouble for your teeth and gums are crafty, and defeating them sometimes requires more than a few minutes at the bathroom sink each day.

What You’re Fighting Against

The point of good hygiene is to ward off the buildup of dental plaque, which is a collection of saliva, food debris, and hundreds of kinds of bacteria. When it forms, it protects the bacteria as they consume and metabolize nutrients from food, turning those nutrients into acids, toxins, sulfur gases, and other substances that threaten your dental health.

What Does Your Dental Hygiene Look Like?

Besides your toothbrush and floss, what other measures do you take to keep plaque from forming and remaining on your teeth for too long? If you brush less often than twice a day, then bacteria will gain the upper hand, and eventually lead to tooth decay, gum disease, chronic bad breath, or other issues. If you snack too often, you can feed bacteria and stimulate their growth faster than your toothbrush and floss can clear them out.

Tips for Better Dental Health

Given the nature of your dental health and most potential dental issues, problems might be avoided by outsmarting the harmful germs in your mouth.

  • Schedule your snacks to allow time to clean your teeth afterwards to prevent food particles from lingering in your mouth.
  • If you can’t brush or floss after a snack or meal, rinse with water to dislodge the debris and rinse away bacterial byproducts.
  • Most importantly, visit your dentist as often as recommended (usually about once every six months) for routine checkups and cleanings. Whatever you miss with your toothbrush and floss, we can clean more thoroughly with professional equipment to reduce your risk of dental health issues.


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