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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Consultation and examination are prerequisites if you are considering dental implants. Even if the decision to opt for the surgery has been solidified, a jawbone scan is important to ensure jawbone density is ample. The titanium rods used for dental implants are biocompatible so that your body will accept them as a part of your […]

Trivia on Root Canal Therapy

Your teeth can often become decayed when acid wears a hole in your enamel. Once a cavity appears, the decay will continue until it is stopped, or until it reaches the interior of your tooth, then through the root to the gums and jaw. If the decay does reach the nerves of your tooth, then root […]

The Many Faces of Porcelain Veneers

Usually, choosing the right cosmetic dentistry treatment depends on the exact nature of your smile’s blemishes. After all, each enhancement is designed to tackle a specific problem, like teeth-whitening for extrinsic stains, or tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities. The good thing about porcelain veneers, however, is that they are equally effective at addressing a number […]