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Dental ImplantsConsultation and examination are prerequisites if you are considering dental implants. Even if the decision to opt for the surgery has been solidified, a jawbone scan is important to ensure jawbone density is ample. The titanium rods used for dental implants are biocompatible so that your body will accept them as a part of your jawbone structure. However, adequate bone density is necessary to hold the rods securely once they are implanted. Various technologies exist to acquire detailed 3D images in order to measure the density of the jawbone. Unfortunately, your jaw begins to diminish when tooth roots die. Viewing these details of the jaw better prepares you and your dentist for a successful dental implant procedure.

Bone Graft Procedures

The three types of bone grafting are: Allograft, xenograft, and autogenous. Allograft procedures utilize synthetic bone or cadaver bone to increase jawbone density. Xenograft procedures involve cow bone as the grafting material. The most often used bone grafting method is autogenous. This form of grafting involves bone harvested from other parts of your body. This allows the bone tissues to remain alive. Common places for harvesting bone for this procedure include the chin and the lower jaw.

Taking your Time to Heal

It can take several months for the grafted bone to fuse to your jawbone structure. Healing completely from the surgery before undergoing another shock to the system is important for a high rate of success. It can take up to half a year before a dentist feels that you are ready for dental implant surgery after the bone grafting procedure. Your healing process will be monitored over that time period, and when the dentist deems you to be at ample density, your implant procedure can be scheduled. Before long, you’ll be the recipient of a healthy mouth full of strong and attractive teeth.


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