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3 Invisalign Myths Debunked

Are you under the impression that your smile needs straightening? Serious aligning? Before you jump to the conclusion that you require traditional braces, ask yourself if you really know all there is to know about Invisalign treatment. Uncover the truth to some common misconceptions with the following debunked myths. You just might find that Invisalign […]

Understanding Bruxism Basics

Everyone copes with stressful situations in their own ways. Some coping mechanisms can be harmful, especially if you are unaware it is happening. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common stress-induced habit that often goes undiagnosed, and can cause an array of complications. Ranging from completely benign to extremely severe, consequences of bruxism are just […]

Tackling the Worst Bad Breath Issues

There‚Äôs no denying that bad breath can change your impression of someone. In terms of relationships, halitosis can even be a deal breaker. Children are sometimes the best (most honest) gauges of bad breath. If you are a parent, or have close contact with a niece or nephew, you may have had them look you […]