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waterFluoride is a mineral that many communities have added to their water for the purpose of preventing cavities (in children), even though there has recently been some controversy over its use. The mineral is added to toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, and other treatments to protect your teeth by strengthening your enamel. If your teeth have some issues or are in danger of cavities, we may advise that you receive a fluoride treatment from our office to help protect your teeth.

Why is Fluoride so Popular in Preventive Dentistry?

Fluoride is a natural element that appears in water and the earth. In the twentieth century, researchers discovered that natural fluoride in water was causing fluorosis, a problem that affects how your enamel looks. However, it was discovered that people who had this problem might also have teeth that were more resistant to cavities. They found that if they purposefully added fluoride to the water in certain doses, children’s teeth would be more resistant to cavities as they ingested the mineral over time.

Fluoride works as a preventive measure because of the nature of enamel, which is comprised mainly of minerals. Over time, acid can attack your enamel and weaken it. Fluoride can re-mineralize your enamel and reduce how much acid oral bacteria can produce. Your enamel is one of your key defenses against tooth decay, so protecting it helps preserve your teeth and prevent cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

Ingesting fluoride for protection tends to only work on developing teeth, but fluoride applied to your permanent teeth can help them. These topical treatments  are the ones that come in the form of toothpastes or gels, and we can apply these at the office during your regularly scheduled dental appointment or suggest you use them at home, depending on the state of your teeth or your oral habits.


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