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Speedy Results with Zoom® Chairside Whitening

Have you seen advertisements and heard friends talking about the quick results you can achieve with Zoom! Whitening? We find that patients commonly think this sounds wonderful – almost too wonderful – and begin discovering that they have a variety of questions. Fortunately, this treatment offers exceptional whitening within a brief amount of time in addition to […]

Myth or Fact: A Porcelain Veneers Quiz

You have probably heard an earful from people about how porcelain veneers can dramatically improve the beauty of your smile. But how much do you really know about this cosmetic treatment? Do questions begin to nag at your brain, keeping you from scheduling this service? Did you feel really wonderful and confident about veneers until […]

Enjoy A Community Snowshoe Trek

As winter continues to provide us with its chilly weather, you may find yourself looking for ways to get out of the house while enjoying what nature has to offer. Fortunately, Farmington Hills has your best interests at heart and continues to create fun events for you and the whole family. If you’re no stranger to […]