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Helpful Tips for Effective Home Care

Have you ever considered the way home care and in-office prevention work hand-in-hand to guide you away from problems like tooth decay and gum disease? While visiting us twice a year for professional dental cleanings and checkups is certainly an essential factor in maintaining a healthy smile, there’s a lot you can do in the […]

Six Month Smiles: Q&A

We often speak with patients who feel they fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to teeth straightening. While they don’t require major, time-consuming improvement that requires full treatment with traditional braces, they still want to improve the appearance of their smiles. Fortunately, we offer a cosmetic solution that addresses minor misalignment within a […]

Composite Fillings: FAQs

Do you need a filling? Perhaps you have a crack in your tooth or we have diagnosed you with a cavity. We recognize that patients who associate fillings with metal – or amalgam – immediately feel concerned about the future appearance of their smiles. Fortunately, we offer composite fillings for a beautiful finished product. Not […]