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smileperfecttealtopHave you seen advertisements and heard friends talking about the quick results you can achieve with Zoom! Whitening? We find that patients commonly think this sounds wonderful – almost too wonderful – and begin discovering that they have a variety of questions. Fortunately, this treatment offers exceptional whitening within a brief amount of time in addition to a wide variety of additional benefits. We encourage you to glance through the following information about this cosmetic treatment, so you can determine whether this procedure will guide you toward the bright, sparkling smile you feel excited to attain and show off:

About Zoom® Chairside Whitening

This treatment whitens both the outermost layer of your tooth, called enamel, and the deeper tissue layer of your tooth, called dentin. This is an excellent solution for patients who are looking for a way to address more stubborn stains that cannot be addressed with many whitening products. We will place a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel on your teeth, ensuring it does not come into contact with your gums. We will then activate the gel with a special light. The gel will penetrate your teeth, lifting hard-to-reach stains for a dramatic improvement. The system is carefully crafted to promote minimal sensitivity and to uniformly treat your entire smile at one time.

Your Candidacy

You will need a healthy set of teeth and gums as a prerequisite to qualifying for candidacy. If you suffer from tooth decay, for example, you will first need to seek restorative care. Wondering about the details? Look over the following:

  • This treatment will work for natural teeth, as well as prosthetics like crowns and veneers – ask us if this treatment will work for you
  • Zoom® Chairside Whitening is appropriate for most types of stains, including natural aging, staining from pigmented foods or drinks, discoloration due to tobacco use, and even changes in color as a result of medications like antibiotics.


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