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smilethumbsupPerhaps you have recently discovered that your jaw joint discomfort is not something that you suffer from alone. There’s even a name and treatment for your particular range of symptoms that may include a jaw that pops or clicks, feel sore, locks occasionally when you open or close your mouth, or that simply feels tired. You may even suffer from radiating discomfort in your head, neck, or shoulders. While you are likely overjoyed that we offer treatment to improve your TMJ dysfunction (TMD), you may be left with one question: What exactly is causing this issue? Learn more about potential underlying causes:

Understanding Your TMJs

Your TMJ (short for temporomandibular joint) is your jaw joint. You have two – one on either side of your head, which connects your jaw to the rest of your cranium. A healthy TMJ, because it acts like a hinge and also allows you to move your jaw from side to side, is protected with cartilage for efficient use. A disk that absorbs shock cushions the joint, preventing it from coming into contact with other bone tissue.

Potential Causes for Dysfunction

There is no one particular underlying cause of TMJ dysfunction. Instead, a wide variety of factors may influence the poor function and resulting discomfort associated with TMD. We will need to fully examine your oral cavity for a better understanding of why you have developed this disorder. In the meantime, consider the following potential causes:

  • You suffer from bruxism, also known as teeth-grinding, which places stress on your jaw joints
  • You have poor posture
  • The shock absorbing disk has slipped out of place
  • Your cartilage has become damaged
  • You stress often, clenching your teeth and placing physical stress on your TMJs
  • You have suffered jaw injury, often from a strong impact


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