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jawpainblondeDo you suffer from popping and clicking in your jaw? Perhaps your jaw becomes stuck for a moment when you open or close your mouth. Worse yet, you may have found that these complaints have become minor when compared with your daily discomfort, including problems like soreness and pain. If you suffer from these issues, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss whether jaw joint problems are affecting your life. Commonly referred to as TMD, TMJ dysfunction can result in serious side effects, which is why we encourage you to seek treatment immediately. Learn more about why we feel so insistent that you address your jaw concerns with urgency.

TMD Causes Daily Discomfort

If you are suffering from a problem with your TMJs (or temporomandibular joints, also known as your jaw joints) you may find that you deal with increasingly frustrating side effects that harm your daily comfort. Because you use your jaw joints to open and close your mouth and to move your jaw from side to side, resting this area of your head is practically impossible during waking hours. Symptoms may include ringing in the ears, pain in your face and other areas surrounding your jaw, and even dizziness. Treatment may quickly resolve your daily trauma, so you may regain comfort.

TMJ Issues Cause Long-Term Damage

Ignoring this problem for too long may result in long-term effects that become more troublesome to treat. For instance, your jawbone may slowly erode over time as a result of extreme stress placed on it. This can cause significant complex problems, such as loose teeth. In addition, ignoring the underlying cause of your TMD may cause even more complications. For example, if bruxism (teeth grinding) is the underlying cause of your TMD, you may suffer from fractured or worn teeth. If you suffer from misalignment, you may also deal with serious hygiene problems, which may lead to decay or gum disease. Treating your TMJ often requires us to address the underlying concerns, guiding you toward comprehensive improvement for optimal oral health.


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