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womanquestionIf your tooth is infected, we will likely suggest root canal treatment to restore your tooth’s health. However, you may be wondering whether root canal treatment is really necessary. You may even be asking yourself if there’s a way to recognize a tooth infection before it becomes extremely uncomfortable. Because a root canal can save your tooth from an unfortunate demise, which will require an extraction and tooth replacement, we feel strongly about providing you with solid education. The more you know about treatment, the better you will feel about visiting us to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Why You Need A Root Canal Treatment

This restorative service offers patients suffering from infected teeth an exceptional gift. You may need to think about root canals as a last resort to truly understand their benefit. Once your tooth becomes infected, it is too late for a dental filling because bacteria has already moved into the body of your tooth and down into its lowermost channels – called your root canals. These canals protect the life center of your tooth and are lined with dental pulp. Once the pulp is infected, your body cannot heal the problem on its own. The infection will continue to worsen until we remove the pulp. Fortunately, your tooth will continue to live after treatment.

What Might Happen Without A Root Canal

Infected teeth feel extremely uncomfortable. However, that’s not all you will need to worry about if you neglect treatment. By ignoring an infection, the following may occur:

  • Your tooth may abscess
  • The infection may spread to surrounding tissues that are healthy, which will then cause you to need extensive restorative care
  • Your tooth may no longer be treatable with a root canal or may die, requiring an extraction and a dental prosthetic to replace the missing tooth


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