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womancoveringmouthbangsWhen you hear about areas of specialization within dentistry, you may worry that something is quite wrong with your smile. However, endodontics provides patients with a wonderful solution to problems like tooth infection. Rather than feeling hesitant when it comes to special areas of treatment, we encourage you to become well-informed, so you can take advantage of services that best suit your needs. We have come to recognize that the more educated our patients feel, the more confidence they experience when visiting us for dental care. With this in mind, we have gathered the following information about endodontic care:

What Is Endodontics?

This is a specialized field within dentistry that focuses on treating the structures inside of your teeth. This may include addressing problems within the body of your tooth, your tooth’s roots – or the lowermost canals in your teeth – as well as the dental pulp that lines the interior portion of your tooth, which houses blood vessels and nerves. Treating problems with this portion of your tooth is extremely important because these tissues act as the “life center” of your tooth, allowing it to remain healthy.

Why Do I Need Endodontics?

In most cases, we will suggest endodontic care because the internal structure of your tooth has become compromised. Common causes of damage include a deep cavity, a crack that extends toward your tooth’s roots, or an infection. When bacteria make their way into your tooth, they may quickly infect your dental pulp. Because your tooth cannot heal physical damage or clear the infection by itself, you will need endodontic treatment to save your tooth.

What Type of Treatment Can I Expect?

The most common treatment you can expect is a root canal treatment. You may need to visit us for one or two appointments. We will thoroughly numb your tooth and surrounding tissues and will then carefully clean out the dental pulp, removing it from your tooth. We will complete treatment by placing a dental crown to restore the structure of your tooth as well as its health.


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