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The Ins And Outs of Dental Onlays

Most of you have probably heard of dental crowns. Maybe you have one, or know someone who has one. Crowns are a common dental treatment. However, have you ever heard of a dental onlay? Dental onlays are similar to crowns. In fact, they are often referred to as a partial or 3/4 crown. Whereas a […]

Take Our Porcelain Crown Quiz

There are many dental procedures available to help you restore your teeth in case of an accident or aging. As you get older your teeth age too. Tooth enamel thins, leaving your teeth prone to discoloration, chips, cracks, breaks, and decay. When it comes to restoring a tooth, you may not be sure what treatment […]

Refresh Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Did you know that veneers originated in Hollywood in the 1920s? They were used as a way to make actors’ and actresses’ smiles more attractive while on screen. At that time they were a temporary application like Hollywood makeup is today. Now you know why, even back then, everyone on screen had “movie star” smiles. […]