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Fixed Implant Bridge: Another Scenario

Although your teeth are important to you, when you lose one or two, especially if they are back molars, it is easy not to do anything about it. No one can see way back there, and although you have to chew on the other side…well, you can live with that, right? Wrong. There are consequences […]

What Is Full Arch Replacement

Are you fully edentulous? If so, that means all your teeth are missing. It is not healthy for you to remain that way if you are. Chewing is the first step in your digestive procedure, and if you can’t chew a variety of healthy foods, your health will eventually decline. There are several treatment options […]

Instantly Improve Your Looks With A Snap On Smile

A smile make-over is an investment, but it is one that will last a lifetime. Your smile is important to you, not only because you feel good when you smile (did you know smiling releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy), but it feels good to know that you have a nice […]