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halleA smile make-over is an investment, but it is one that will last a lifetime. Your smile is important to you, not only because you feel good when you smile (did you know smiling releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy), but it feels good to know that you have a nice smile. An esthetic smile makes you feel confident. A beautiful smile also makes other people think you are confident, successful, and approachable. Now there is an easy and affordable way to instantly improve your looks with the Snap On Smile.

Why A Snap On Smile?

You may think the Snap On Smile is a new invention but it has been used in Hollywood since the 1930s. Snap On Smiles can be used for:

  • Job interviews
  • Auditions
  • Class reunions
  • Bride-to-be photo sessions
  • Graduation pictures
  • Social functions

How Does it Work?

You can have a new smile in just two weeks. Only two appointments are required and there are no needles or drilling involved. A simple impression is taken of your teeth, a smile shape and tooth color is selected, the information is sent to a special dental lab where your smile is fabricated, and two weeks later you’re wearing it home. You can even eat and drink with it.

How is it Made?

This ready-to-go smile is fabricated from a flexible resin material that simply snaps into place over your dental arch. The material contours to the curves of your teeth holding your new smile in place. It is a fast, easy, and painless way to hide tooth discoloration; gaps; crooked, worn, or chipped teeth; or missing teeth without extensive treatments. You can even request a smile. The top three requests include the smiles of Halle Barry, Brittany Spears, and Jessica Simpson.


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