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Tired Of Your Dentures Slipping? Try Implants

When you first need to make a decision regarding replacing missing teeth it can be overwhelming. If you are fully edentulous (missing all your teeth) you probably will consider dentures first. That may be a good decision because dentures are not permanent. They are removed at night. They are affordable. They serve the purpose of […]

Procera Crown: Q and A’s

Your teeth are very strong and take a beating day after day. Chewing forces are tremendous but if you have other habits such as biting your nails, chewing pen tops, opening bottles with your teeth, or grinding and clenching, then your teeth take even more of a beating. We often take our teeth for granted […]

Occlusal Equilibration

Have you ever heard of malocclusion or a bad bite? Just about everyone has malocclusion to some point, but in most cases the person can chew and talk fine, and their masticatory system functions without problems. However, some people have more severe malocclusion. Malocclusion is when your teeth do not bite down in a properly […]