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dipIf you are missing multiple teeth in the back of your mouth and they are in a row, dentures or removable bridges are probably not the best treatment option. For back teeth you need strength and stability and the only way to get it is with a fixed implant bridge. Removable partial dentures can slip and rub while you chew or talk and if there is no tooth in the far back of your mouth upon which to anchor a bridge, then that eliminates that option. If you are missing multiple teeth in the back of your mouth, think implants.

Fixed Bridge on Dental Implants

If you are missing three or four molars adjacent to one another in the back of your mouth you are a candidate for a fixed bridge on dental implants. Rather than get three or four implant surgeries in a row you can have two implants placed upon which a fixed bridge is permanently bonded. There are four steps involved when installing a fixed bridge:

Step #1:  When three teeth are missing at the back of your mouth a fixed bridge with a prosthetic tooth placed between two dental crowns is the treatment of choice.

Step #2: Two titanium implant posts which will anchor the fixed bridge are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone.

Step #3:  The titanium posts can take up to two or three months to osseointegrate with the patient’s jawbone. The bone and post fuse together to provide a strong, stable base.

Step #4: Once the posts are healed, the crowns on each end of the bridge are permanently cemented to the abutments attached to the top of the titanium posts, and you have a dental solution that is as strong and stable as your real teeth.  


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