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Are You Missing Multiple Teeth In The Back? Think Implants.

If you are missing multiple teeth in the back of your mouth and they are in a row, dentures or removable bridges are probably not the best treatment option. For back teeth you need strength and stability and the only way to get it is with a fixed implant bridge. Removable partial dentures can slip […]

The Dental Implant Procedure

If you are missing a single tooth, there is the option of getting bridge treatment or dental implant treatment. An implant is a surgical procedure that replaces the root of your tooth with a titanium post that acts like the original root. Dental implant surgery is a stable and permanent procedure. There are several steps […]

Woodland Hills Nature Park

Do you like being outdoors? Do you like hiking through nature, taking photographs of the beautiful outdoors, or bird watching? Woodland Hills Nature Park near Heritage Park is a placid, serene, and all natural area with rustic trails for you to enjoy.  It’s an area where Michigan’s native animals and plants are preserved and protected.