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egretDo you like being outdoors? Do you like hiking through nature, taking photographs of the beautiful outdoors, or bird watching? Woodland Hills Nature Park near Heritage Park is a placid, serene, and all natural area with rustic trails for you to enjoy.  It’s an area where Michigan’s native animals and plants are preserved and protected.

What: Woodland Hills Nature Park

Where: 26655 Farmington Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48336


A sanctuary for native plants and animals, Woodland Hills is a place for them to thrive within their natural habitat. Although managed primarily for the protection of these species and its natural features, the park also provides recreational, educational, scientific, and aesthetic benefits for the community of Farmington Hills. A placid park, it is a perfect place to observe quiet, relaxing, and peaceful activities such as nature walks, photography, appreciating the fauna and flora, and bird watching. Featuring 1.7 miles of trails on 74 acres, the natural trail runs adjacent to a creek tributary to the Rouge River, and crosses it at various locations. You will enjoy a journey through areas of tangled brush, young forest and mature forest, open fields, and wetlands that are home to a diverse variety of animal and plant life.

The Areas of Flora and Fauna

There are three types of areas you will pass through. Each home to a variety of animal and plant species:

Brushy areas: At the front of the park along Beech-Maple Trail there are thick brushy areas that have a variety of fruits and berries such as black raspberry, serviceberry, and crabapple, upon which many bird species rely for food.

Forest area: In the center of the park there is the forest area made up of Beech, Maple, Black Cherry, and Oak trees.

The wetland: The pond provides a water source and nesting area for a variety of animals including waterfowl, amphibians, toads, frogs, Blue and Green Herons, Egrets, deer, and more.


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