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Are You A Bruxer? Get The Facts

Do you often wake up in the morning with a headache and a sore jaw? If so, you may be a nighttime bruxer. It is estimated that up to 20 percent of the population brux. Bruxing is the dental term for habitually grinding together your molars and clenching your jaw. This habit can cause temporomandibular […]

Floats And Farmington History Porch Party

Located in Oakland County–west of Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair–Farmington, Michigan is a commuter city with a majority of its residents traveling in and out of Ann Arbor or Detroit for work. CNN/Money’s “Top 100 Places to live in 2007,” ranked Farmington number 55. It was also ranked 27th on the Best to Live […]

When You Need A Bone Graft

A bone graft procedure involves replacing lost bone tissue in the jawbone and encouraging new bone growth. Your jawbone can lose tissue, or atrophy, when you lose a tooth. The purpose of your jaw is to hold your teeth. In return your teeth stimulate your jawbone keeping it strong and healthy when you bite and […]