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cdsrootcanalFew people are excited to undergo a root canal. Some are even skeptical, asking, “How does a root canal help my smile?” In reality, this safe and comfortable endodontic procedure can address serious dental infection and help preserve your smile, potentially preventing tooth loss.

Root Canal Quiz

  1. True or False: An untreated cavity can lead to infection.
  2. True or False: Without treatment the patient may lose a tooth.
  3. True or False: A root canal can address infected teeth.
  4. True or False: Your tooth will look natural afterward.

Answer Key

  1. True. Tooth decay will continue to spread unless the cavity is treated. Eventually, the bacteria can reach the pulp. A bundle of living tissue at the center of your tooth, the pulp oversees the flow of blood and nutrients to and from the tooth. An infection can occur once bacteria enter the pulp, one that threatens the health and stability of your smile.
  2. True. An infected tooth can die without treatment. Once that happens the toot will require removal to stop the spread of infection to the jawbone and surrounding teeth.
  3. True. The endodontic procedure can prevent the loss of a tooth. The dentist administers a local anesthetic to keep the patient comfortable before opening the tooth and removing the infected tissue from the interior and the root canals. The area is then thoroughly cleaned and a filling material placed inside. Finally, a crown is placed to complete the procedure.
  4. True. The crown covers the visible portion of the tooth. Not only does the restoration prevent further decay or infection, but the crown also looks natural and blends with your smile. If you have any questions about our endodontic procedures please don’t hesitate to contact the office. We can help restore the health and appearance of your smile.


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