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onlayOnlays are another type of dental filling when something larger than a traditional filling is required for treatment. There are several different treatments available to save a tooth, including traditional dental fillings, inlays, root canals, onlays, and crowns. In our last blog we discussed inlays and what types of damage or decay they are used to treat. But what is the difference between inlays and onlays? Take our true or false Inlays VS Onlays quiz below and find out.

True or False?

  1. True or False: An onlay is no different than an inlay, it just has a different name.
  2. True or False: Because onlays include the restoration of cusps, they are fabricated with a different material.
  3. True or False: Inlays and onlays can be used for the same treatment problems.
  4. True or False: Both inlays and onlays can help make the tooth stronger.


  1. False: Although they are largely similar, there is a difference between inlays and onlays. While an inlay is used to restore a tooth that needs a large filling, one that is too large for a traditional dental filling, an onlay is used to restore a tooth that not only needs a large filling but needs one or more cusps restored, as well.
  2. False: Both inlays and onlays can be fabricated with the same dental materials such as tooth-colored porcelain, dental composite, or gold.
  3. True: Inlays and onlays can be used to treat broken or fractured teeth, tooth decay, fractured fillings, and excessively large fillings. But again, an onlay includes the restoration of at least one cusp, whereas an inlay does not.
  4. True: Inlays and onlays help reinforce the strength of the tooth because they are permanently cemented to the remaining healthy tooth structure.


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