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What Is Composite Filling?

Composite resin dental filling was developed as a tooth-colored alternative to gold and silver amalgam fillings. Gold and silver fillings are tough but have their drawbacks. Gold is expensive, silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, and they both are conspicuous. Composite resin filling, however, blends in with the surrounding dentition for an aesthetic result, and even […]

Inlays VS Onlays

Onlays are another type of dental filling when something larger than a traditional filling is required for treatment. There are several different treatments available to save a tooth, including traditional dental fillings, inlays, root canals, onlays, and crowns. In our last blog we discussed inlays and what types of damage or decay they are used […]

What Is An Inlay?

No doubt you are familiar with tooth fillings. The dentist removes the decay from the affected tooth and then packs your tooth with silver amalgam, or composite resin material to restore your tooth and save it from decay. Well, an inlay is also a type of filling. But while silver amalgam and composite fillings are […]