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cdscrownFor a variety of reasons, a dentist may suggest placing a cap over a tooth. Also known as a crown, this restoration covers the entire visible part of a tooth. Why do you need a crown? In many cases, this restoration is critical for the protection and continued function of your tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Restorations

Question: What is a crown made from?

Answer: We use several different materials to make a crown, but the most popular is porcelain. With porcelain, the restorations are strong and can mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel. The material also contains stain-resistant properties, making this the most desirable option for restoring a tooth.

Question: What does placement require?

Answer: First, we need to prepare the tooth. The process starts with the dentist removing a small portion of tooth structure to make room for the restoration. Then an impression of the tooth will be taken. Using the impression, experts at a dental lab will create your dental crown. When the new restoration is fabricated you will return to the office, where the doctor will check the fit, make any adjustments, and place it with a bonding agent.

Question: Will they look natural?

Answer: The porcelain ones are designed to blend with your smile. In fact, the material can even be shaded to better match surrounding teeth.

Question: Why do we need them?

Answer: We may use them to repair cavities or to fix damaged teeth if they become chipped or cracked. We can also place one to correct cosmetic issues or change the shape of the tooth. They can also be used in tooth replacement procedures, securing a dental abridge or completing a dental implant. Finally, we can use them in a root canal procedure, restoring the tooth once the infected tissue has been removed.


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