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questionmarkyellowHow much do you know about dental sealants? Have you wondered if adults ever receive them since they offer such exceptional protection against tooth decay? Perhaps you’re curious about other details but have never had the chance to ask. First things first, we would like to remind you that any one of your dental visits is always a wonderful time to ask questions – our team will gladly provide you with the answers you need. For now, however, we hope you will consider some FAQs about sealants, so you can gain the clarity you have been seeking regarding this protective treatment.

Q&A: Dental Sealants

Question: Who can benefit from dental sealants? I’m under the impression that they are only for children.

Answer: We suggest sealants most often for children between the ages of six and 16 because back teeth are still growing, and children are still developing consistent and effective brushing habits. However, we also offer sealants to adults whose teeth are particularly susceptible to decay – or to primary teeth that display a high likelihood of developing tooth decay.

Question: How long will dental sealants last? Will they offer long-term protection against tooth decay?

Answer: Dental sealants often last as long as 10 years, so you can expect around a decade of protection.

Question: Why do you apply dental sealants to back teeth chewing surfaces? Is it because they are so hard to reach while brushing one’s teeth?

Answer: Yes, in part this is because your back chewing surfaces are often difficult to reach and thoroughly clean. In addition, these surfaces are filled with tiny indentations and deep grooves, which provide an ideal environment for bacteria to successfully hide. Rather than expect patients (especially children) to be able to clean these areas, we seal them to promote easy and effective hygiene. 


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