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denturesupperlowerAre you suffering from partial or complete tooth loss? If so, you know that dealing with missing teeth – whether it’s one tooth or all of your teeth – is a problem that dramatically affects your daily life. It seems that everything you once took for granted suddenly becomes a challenge. Chewing your food, speaking with ease, brushing, flossing, and simply maintaining a clean smile all become chores. Fortunately, patients seeking an option to replace any pattern of tooth loss will find a simple yet extremely effective teeth replacement solution with full or partial dentures. Learn more to find out if dentures address your smile completion preferences.

Choosing Full or Partial Dentures

Depending on the type of tooth loss you’re experiencing, you may need either a full or partial denture. These are removable prosthetics that can replace any number – and pattern – of missing teeth. Learn more about the details with the following descriptions:

  • Full Denture: A full denture replaces a full arch of teeth. You may choose an upper denture, lower denture, or both.
  • Partial Denture: A partial denture replaces multiple missing teeth. Tooth loss may include teeth missing side-by-side, teeth spread apart, or even a single tooth.

About Denture Construction

Whether you choose a full or partial denture, they are both created by beginning with a high-quality acrylic base. The color of the material is tinted to blend with your natural gum tissue, for a lifelike quality. Each prosthetic will also include the use of porcelain or high-grade acrylic teeth, which we will carefully design for prosthetics with the appropriate dimensions and shades.

If you choose a full denture, you will wear the prosthetic over your dental ridge, where it remains in place by relying on suction. If you choose a partial denture, it will rest in part against your palate. It will also receive additional support from remaining teeth – the partial denture includes metal clasps for stability.


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