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FAQsAre you an adult who would love to straighten your smile – but the idea of wearing brackets and wires on your teeth is just something you cannot fathom? Perhaps you simply feel too set in your ways when it comes to your daily dental hygiene and eating habits and know that traditional braces will never work out. Good news: We offer Invisalign treatment to align your smile without causing disruptions to your daily life. We recognize that though this may sound delightful, you probably have some pointed questions you would like answered. In addition to scheduling a consultation, we suggest you consider some FAQs (and answers) to kick off your clear braces education.

Frequently Asked Questions: Invisalign

Question: Are the Invisalign treatment trays safe for me to wear every single day?

Answer: Yes, they are. We understand that patients are often worried about the safety of long-term exposure to certain plastics. Fortunately, the aligner trays are BPA-free.

Question: Are the aligner trays comfortable? One of the reasons I don’t want metal braces is potential discomfort.

Answer: Yes, they are custom-crafted out of smooth, clear plastic. In addition to offering treatment that most people will not even notice, the trays also result in little to no irritation.

Question: How often will I need to wear my Invisalign treatment trays? Will I wear them while I’m sleeping, too?

Answer: The good news is that you can take your Invisalign treatment trays out of your mouth to eat meals and to care for your smile with daily brushing and flossing. To ensure you’re not removing them too much, we simply suggest you make sure you wear them for 20 to 22 hours each day, which means you will wear them during sleep.


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