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xraythumbsupHave you been informed that your consultation or treatment will include the use of digital X-rays? Do you have memories of conventional X-rays filling your mind, causing you to feel uneasy about your upcoming visit? If so, we suggest you clear your thoughts of your prior knowledge. Digital imaging offers patients exceptional strides in safety and convenience, thanks to advances in dental technology. Allow us to enlighten you with some helpful information.

Why You Need X-Rays

You may require digital X-rays for a variety of reasons. The overriding reason that applies to all underlying needs is the fact that X-rays provide us with a close-up look of what’s going on behind the scenes of your smile. We see the details that we simply do not have access to with our eyes alone. Common reasons for X-rays include the following:

  • Detailed examination for dental checkups
  • Effective case planning for treatments like tooth replacement or extractions
  • Precise visuals for diagnoses of issues like tooth decay or other oral diseases

Digital X-Rays Are Considered Safer Than Conventional

Patients often become concerned when they learn they will receive X-rays. The good news is that digital X-rays are considered much safer than their conventional counterparts. The digital form releases much less radiation, which means there’s nothing to worry about. In addition, they are better for the environment because the digital imaging requires no processing chemicals or film.

Digital Is More Convenient, Too

When we rely on digital X-rays, we capture the images quickly and comfortably, uploading them almost instantly into our computer system. This allows for near-instant viewing, the ability to work with the images with computer software, and the convenience of being able to email the images to other locations as necessary.


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