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questionmarkblueHave you been told that you need to see an endodontist? Are you feeling unsure about why you might need endodontic treatment? Rest easy – endodontics is simply the specialized field that focuses on your roots and the tissue and structures within your teeth. Fortunately, by becoming familiar with this field, you will know just what to do if you crack your tooth or if something doesn’t feel right. Keep two important things in mind: 1. You will receive comfortable care. 2. The sooner you seek treatment, the greater your ability to restore your health with ease.

When Your Tooth Is Significantly Damaged

Perhaps you have cracked your tooth. Maybe you were chewing and your tooth broke into pieces. Or, perhaps you have avoided a dental filling for quite a while and you are certain your cavity is now large. For serious tooth damage that may affect the roots of your tooth, you may require endodontic treatment. Once the pulp is exposed, your tooth is extremely vulnerable to infection. Immediate care will help you avoid complications.

When Your Tooth Is Throbbing

Is your tooth throbbing? If it’s a simply toothache that has been going on for a day or two, you may have a cavity. If your tooth is throbbing, it feels extremely sensitive, you’re having trouble chewing, or you have a fever, it may be an infection. In any case, contact us immediately. We will either offer restorative or endodontic treatment to alleviate your pain and return you to comfort and excellent oral health.


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