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bruxismeraseAre you suffering from the dental disorder called bruxism? If so, we suggest you visit us for bruxism treatment for some very significant reasons. You see, grinding your teeth or clenching your teeth habitually will result in a variety of problems. Are you familiar with the ways bruxism hurts your teeth? Particularly for individuals who have just learned they are suffering from this condition, the consequences may not seem severe – but they can become just that. Learn a bit more about why we so strongly suggest treatment as soon as possible.

#1: It Literally Hurts

Avoiding bruxism treatment can cause your teeth to hurt. The repetition of teeth grinding against other teeth – or clenching top and bottom teeth together – will lead to sensitivity. You may also find that you suffer from pain in nearby areas, such as your face, jaw joints, and head. Treatment is comfortable and will allow you to enjoy exceptional relief.

#2: Worn Tooth Surfaces

Another way bruxism hurts your teeth is by wearing them down. This might not sound terrible at first glance, but your teeth are contoured for comfortable rest and speaking and for effective chewing. Flattened chewing surfaces can result in very difficult mealtimes.

#3: Fractures, Breaks, Tooth Loss

The consistent pressure on your teeth can lead to physical damage, including fractured teeth and broken teeth. The problem may even lead to tooth loss. We recommend you visit us for (and agree to) bruxism treatment right away, so we can assist in protecting your teeth from preventable damage.


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