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2016sparkleAre you interested in improving a variety of aspects of your life for 2016? Is one area of serious concern your oral health? If you feel you have been neglecting (even if just a bit) your commitment to your dental care, we suggest considering some simple resolutions for the New Year. By making little alterations to your usual daily and annual habits, you will find that your smile remains healthy, comfortable, and beautiful month after month (and year after year).

Resolution #1: I Will Stop Biting My Fingernails

Did you know that habits like biting your fingernails or chomping away at the end of a pen could lead to significant problems with your oral health? For patients suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding and teeth clenching) or TMJ (jaw joint) problems, this may lead to aggravation. Unfortunately, it may also lead to fractured or chipped teeth (or damaged prosthetics like veneers or crowns).

Resolution #2: I Will Keep Up With Preventive Appointments

We suggest resolving to keep up with preventive appointments if you are serious about promoting improved oral health. This simply means that you will remember to see us once time every six months (that’s twice a year) for a dental checkup as well as a dental cleaning. These twice-annual visits will offer amazing protection against oral health problems and damage.

Resolution #3: I Will Review My Dental Hygiene Routine

Do yourself a favor and check in on your own dental hygiene routine. If you are missing a step, remember to rejuvenate your daily habits, which should include the following:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Brushing for approximately two minutes each and every time you brush
  • Flossing your entire smile at least once a day


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