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womanquestionexclamationDo you know what to expect from an oral cancer screening? Are you avoiding your dental checkups because you assume this type of cancer is something that cannot affect you? Unfortunately, skipping screenings is only to your detriment. You see, by the time a patient recognizes oral cancer, the disease has often progressed far beyond its initial stages. Allow us to provide you with some helpful details associated with screenings with a quick Q&A session, so you feel informed and motivated to keep up with your preventive care.

Questions and Answers: Oral Cancer Screenings

Question: Why do I need a screening if I’m not doing anything that could potentially increase my chances of cancer?

Answer: While certain contributing factors like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol can increase the likelihood of oral cancer development, every single person is susceptible. To protect your oral health and wellbeing, we suggest consistent screenings.

Question: Is the oral cancer screening going to be uncomfortable? I’m truly not sure what to expect.

Answer: No. Screenings are completely comfortable and surprisingly quick. First, we will thoroughly examine you with a visual test with our own eyes, seeking out any signs of change. Then, we will use a VELscope. This is a device that is handheld, relying on the use of a special blue light. It will allow us to detect changes even in “precancerous” form before the disease begins to progress or spread.

Question: Is there a difference between detecting the disease early or later?

Answer: Yes. The sooner we detect oral cancer, the greater the chance treatment will be successful. By waiting, the disease becomes more difficult to clear, in part because it may spread.


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