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q&arainbowHave you been trying to figure out what to do about your partial tooth loss? Are you considering ignoring the problem because you are afraid that your options will all require a significant investment? Whatever the issue, we suggest you learn more about partial dentures. These dental prosthetics address partial tooth loss, while offering a budget-friendly solution to a complete smile. We encourage you to schedule a visit, so we can explain more thoroughly in regard to your particular needs. For now, however, we invite you to become a bit more informed with answers to questions we frequently receive from our patients.

Questions and Answers

Question: What is a partial denture? Is it just like a full denture?

Answer: A partial and full denture are both removable dental prosthetics that replace missing teeth. However, while the full prosthetic replaces an entire arch of teeth, a partial only replaces partial tooth loss.

Question: Can a partial replace most patterns of tooth loss?

Answer: Yes. Unlike a dental bridge, for instance, which can only replace one tooth or up to a maximum of three teeth side-by-side, a partial can replace teeth in most configurations (whether next to each other or separated out by natural remaining teeth).

Question: How does a partial denture stay in place in my smile?

Answer: A partial relies on nature and some thoughtful construction. First, dentures in general rely on the suction created within your mouth to stay in place. Partials offer the added benefit of clasps that will sit securely over remaining teeth for extra stability.


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