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dentalcrownwredDo you know what to expect from a dental crown? Are you becoming pretty interested since you just learned that you will need a crown to save the health of your tooth? If so, we would like to give you some particulars regarding this restorative treatment. As you become more familiar with the basics and the benefits, you will quickly gain an understanding and appreciation. Keep in mind that we will also be happy to answer remaining questions during your next visit.

About The Crown

Let’s begin with the basics – a dental crown is a hollow tooth made out of artificial material. It is crafted as a restorative treatment to cover your entire tooth, which means you can expect the stability, improved structure, and cosmetic finish you need for a restored tooth. We may create your crown out of one of a variety of materials, depending on your needs. However, we usually offer our patients porcelain crowns for combined beauty and function.

How It Works

We will begin by taking impressions – or molds – of your smile. These will act as the model of your smile on which the dimensions of your crown are based. You can expect custom craftsmanship that takes the color of your surrounding teeth as well as the size and shape of your teeth into consideration. We will place the dental crown over your remaining natural tooth, where we will cement it in place with a special bonding agent. Your tooth will become “whole” and your smile healthy again, so you can return to the quality of life you previously enjoyed.


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